BLACKLIGHT COFFEE MERCHANTS started with one simple question: what's the difference between freshly roasted coffee beans from the guy at the cafe with the roasting machine down the street and any other beans one might find on a grocery store shelf? The short answer: there's a HUGE DIFFERENCE. The long answer is quite a bit more complicated, but let’s give it a try in an effort to explain why Blacklight Coffee Merchants exists.


Coffee is a seed. It’s the seed of a coffee cherry, which is the fruit that grows on a coffee tree. We all know this. Okay, all might be an overstatement, but a lot of us know this. What many people don’t know is that there are different kinds of coffee trees, and each tree grows fruit that, at it’s core, holds a seed that when processed into the drink that starts your day is every bit as unique as a glass of wine. If you already know that and you’re saying to yourself “duh!” then click HERE to check out our partner roasters. If you’re scratching your head and swearing that all coffee pretty much tastes the same, then you haven’t had a freshly roasted, perfectly made cup as of yet - don’t worry, you’re not alone.


There are a lot of people out there in the same boat drinking coffee that tastes like brown water with a bit of cigarette ash tapped into it. We’ve all been there at one time or another and there is no reason to feel shame. You’re here now because you’ve hit bottom. Perhaps it’s the bottom of a bad cup or pot and the high isn’t what it once was, or perhaps it's the bottom of your coffee supply and you need a fix of SOMETHING BETTER. Maybe you’re just curious about things going on in some coffee sub-culture you’ve heard about but have been afraid of taking a step into for fear of some intimidating unknown.


Regardless of the reason, think of Blacklight Coffee Merchants as your support group, as your circle of friends who too have hit bottom and are here to advise you as you work the steps into a better cup. Ultimately, we’re you’re go-to for your small batch roasted beans who delivers the goods you can’t find in a store.  We’re the guy in the park dealing bags of the good stuff that YOU CAN'T DO WITHOUT.